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Ductless heating and cooling is an easy, efficient solution to just about any temperature control challenge.  Installation is quick and simple.  Comfort is quiet, reliable, and affordable.  If you’ve got a room that’s too hot or too cold, no problem.  If you’re hoping to get rid of space heaters, box fans, or portable air conditioners, we can handle that.  If your home lacks ductwork, we’ve got it covered.  Turner and Schoel Heating & Cooling specializes in Carrier heating & air conditioning products, providing the leading options in ductless comfort.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are uniquely qualified to install and service the most technologically sophisticated ductless air conditioners and heat pumps on the market.

Professional Ductless HVAC Installations

For home additions, new construction, condominiums and apartments, or simply to target an uncomfortable room, the flexibility and variety of applications for Carrier systems is nearly limitless.  Innovative engineering takes advantage of INVERTER technology and R410A refrigerant to create more efficient and more compact systems, that fit into just about any space.  Eco-comfort technology, dual and triple-allergen filtration, and quiet operation are just some of the features that firmly establish Carrier as the leading choice in ductless comfort.  Zoned systems allow you to target separate rooms, resulting in personalized comfort and greater energy saving potential. The system also restricts operation of the fan until set temperatures are reached, so there’s never cold air blowing when you’re paying for heating.  With Hyper-Heating INVERTER technology, your ductless heat pump will effectively keep you warm, even if temperatures drop down to -13º F,  providing year-round comfort from a single system.

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Contact Turner and Schoel Heating & Cooling to learn more about ductless heating and cooling options.  We would be happy to provide helpful information, make recommendations, and complete accurate sizing, placement, and installation.  We offer comprehensive maintenance plans to safeguard your investment, convenient scheduling for all services, and 24/7 Emergency Repair.  Know that your project is always handled with prompt response, an orderly job site, and upfront pricing.  At Turner and Schoel Heating & Cooling, we’ll do everything we can to help you say, “I’m comfortable with that.”

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Some of the advantages of Ductless HVAC include:

  • Operational noise is the equivalent of a gentle hum.
  • Ductless cooling draws far less energy than a conventional air conditioner.
  • Zone control allows you greater energy saving potential by conditioning only occupied rooms.
  • Zone control offers customized temperature adjustment in individual rooms to better serve personal preferences.
  • Because air is delivered directly into separate zones, ductless systems prevent the mixing of air between zones.
  • Ductless conditioning eliminates the energy waste, maintenance, and air quality issues associated with ductwork.
  • There’s no major mess or renovation, and installation can usually be completed in a day or two.
  • Because of the lightweight and compact size of the ductless system, installation location is extremely versatile.
  • Because the slim, outdoor unit can be located up to fifty feet away, it can be tucked out of sight, or mounted on the side or back of the house.
  • Modern ductless systems utilize R410A refrigerant, which is recognized for its zero ozone depletion potential.
  • Ductless HVAC systems follow ENERGY STAR guidelines, ensuring energy efficiency and reducing carbon output.
  • Consisting of a compact outdoor unit and one or more indoor units, ductless HVAC requires little more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall and access to electricity.
  • Equipped with an anti-allergen filter, concentrations of airborne contaminants, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, and dander, are significantly reduced.

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