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Is your crawl space wet, musty and dirty?  Do you have standing water?  Does your crawl space flood frequently? Crawl space encapsulation from Turner & Schoel will protect your home from excessive moisture and add value to your property. Recognizing the signs of water intrusion is an important first step in protecting your home.

Signs that Your Crawl Space Needs Attention:

  • Standing water around the perimeter of your home or within your crawl space
  • Damp, musty odorsEncapsulation_-_Before_4
  • High levels of humidity inside your home
  • Mold or mildew on crawlspace surfaces such as ducts, walls or piping
  • Itchy eyes, runny nose or other signs of allergic reactions
  • Wood rot
  • Hardwood floors “cupping” or rippling along the edges
  • Fallen insulation
  • Rust on metal pipes or ducts
  • Foundation vents below grade
  • Pests inside the home:  insects or stray animals using the crawl space for shelter

Encapsulation_-_Before_1Turner & Schoel treats your crawl space as an important component of your home’s overall comfort system. The EPA estimates that the air in your home is replaced almost hourly, and 50% of that air comes from your crawl space. A damp crawl space provides the moisture, food sources and temperatures that mold spores need to grow. Damp air also increases the humidity in your home; damp air is more difficult to heat and cool, straining your home comfort system.  It’s important to have a clean, dry space beneath your home for efficiency in heating & cooling as well as to control the quality of the air that your family is breathing.

Crawl Space Encapsulation by Turner & Schoel delivers multiple benefits:


  • Less moisture & humidty in the home, which increases the efficiency of your home comfort system
  • Cleaner air, with fewer allergens such as dust mites, mold and mildew
  • More dry, usable space for storage. Additional square footage adds to the value of your home!
  • Deters stray animals and pests from entering the crawls space to seek food or shelter.

Let’s Get Started:  Crawl Space Encapsulation by Turner & Schoel:

  • Turner & Schoel performs a free crawl space inspection to determine all points of water intrusion and to measure the moisture levels in structural wood and foundation walls.
  • Photographs document the current crawl space and points of concern.
  • Inspections cover all HVAC ducts and floor penetrations to identify areas of possible air leaks and air infiltration; inspections also cover the access door
  • Turner & Schoel will provide you with a complete repair and installation plan.  We’ll take the time to fully explain our solutions and to answer all of your questions about crawl space encapsulation.

Encapsulation_-_After_4Turner & Schoel’s encapsulation materials are made in the USA.  The liner is a high strength polyester reinforced polyethylene and is backed by our exclusive C4L25 warranty.  This is a 25 year transferrable warranty against delamination and defects.  The white surface of the liner reflects light for more illumination and for safe and easy inspections.   Our repair and installation plan is completely customized to your home’s unique needs.  During the installation process we’ll remove all debris such as concrete, brick rubble, construction material, plastic vapor barrier, and old equipment.  We’ll smooth out the dirt and dig a french drain around the perimeter if needed.  We can also address your needs for sump pumps.   Our complete installation package includes sealing foundation penetrations, crawlspace vents, air leaks and floor penetrations, installing lighting, installing remote humidity sensors and whole house dehumidifiers with dehumidistat, raising existing equipment to allow liner to continue underneath, and installing a water tight crawl space access door if needed.

Financing for crawl space encapsulation is available so that you can repair and protect your home today.  Ask us for details!

Alabama Power financing is available if encapsulation is performed in conjunction with a heat pump upgrade.

Contact Us to schedule your free crawlspace inspection.

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